Deluxe 'Antwerp Collection' 3 layers + small bottle Elixir d'Anvers

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    45 Assorted Antwerp chocolates with a mini bottle Elixir d'Anvers. Containing a wide range of city related chocolates such as the original Antwerp Hands, a full collection Chocolate Diamonds, Bolders, Brabo, Antverpia and Rubens chocolates. All chocolates have a history created during a lifelong hunt for outstanding quality. Call it a tango of flavours with ingredients from the Amazon over dark Africa until the most remote islands in the far East.

    Good to Know: the Goossens Chocolates in its similar deluxe high-end boxes are used by the US administration as presidential end-of-year gifts. The Goossens team will handle your order with the same care and pride as our presidential orders for the White House in the USA.