Sparkling Hearts Milk chocolate in bulk box (240 pieces +/- 3.20 kg)

    Price excl.: € 158,49

    Price incl.: € 168,00

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    A bittersweet combination of a Caramel layer and a grape fruit ganache layer.

    These milk chocolate hearts with facets like a cut diamond are quite unique. Three thin ultra crispy layers of chocolate envelope a soft core with a suprising combination of flavours: you will explore a contrast between the bitterness of grapefruit on the one hand and the sweet flavour of caramel on the other hand. Simply sensational !

    Chocolates on a tray: 5 x 6
    Trays in a box: 8
    Tara: 0.29 kg

    Chocolates in a box: +/- 240 pc.