Deluxe "Diamond Collection" 4 Lagen

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Product informatie

64 delicious chocolate jewels. Erik Goossens created these diamond-shaped chocolates and faceted heart-shaped chocolates as a tribute to his home town Antwerp - diamond capital of the world.

The beautiful deluxe box with 4 layers chocolate diamonds is the perfect gift for the most demanding style freaks and fancy food lovers.

A combination of milk, dark and ruby-red heart shaped chocolate diamonds with inspiring assorted fillings in combination of the glittering brilliants.
These diamonds are probably the most complex creation by Chocolatier Goossens. It has a sweet crispy outer layer and a bittersweet champagne truffle filling on the inside. However what makes this chocolate so unique are the sugar crystals that twinkle like a real brilliant under halogen light. This effect is only obtained after an extremely delicate and time-consuming procedure, unique in the world.

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